Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Life

My Life

A story about a prince to go a journey and pretending to be a commmoner but his journey was blocked by a monster DarkLord and the journey begin.......................

Kuga Ark Vendom : Dark Knight.
He is a prince in the Freak Ville.He start a journey to find a love.

Rhen Maura : Magician.
She fell in love with Kuga in the 10th sight.Will she say it to him?

Servant : Priest.
She is the healer at the Freak Ville.Kuga's dad buy her to be the Kuga protecter.

Jack Levin : Theif.
He is the theif in the Freak Ville.Kuga caught him when he tried to theif him.

Samuel Fentos : Monk.
He been saved by Kuga when he was being kick out from Temple Of Fists.

Wolfie : Beast.
He being cursed by DarkLord.Kuga found him in Fortunte Isle.

DarkLord :Monster.
A cursed human.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Long Name For The Char in my game.

1.Ken Haddan Jourva.
2.Lisha Liya Maurva.
3.Steve Gel Kensen.
4.Fauna Flora Zambaniak.
5.Kaster Velzon.
6.Azbark Master Zeg.
7.Kuga Ark Vendom.
8.Ken Adam Jourva.

Haddan and Adam are twin body and some name but not class.
These name are freaky name but it took me three month to make the class,skill and name.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is my new art.HALF WOLF,ORC AND HUMAN.

Monday, August 31, 2009

the game that I gonna make

Gonna make from RPG MAKER XV / RPG MAKER XP.

The Legend Of 8 Heroes.


1.The Prophecy :The hero mission.

2.The Lost Prophecy :The lost hero.

3.The Lost Prophecy 2 :The founded hero.

4.The Return Of The Prophecy :The return of great power.

5.The Return Of The Prophecy 2 :The last hero.

Hero :

He is main character for chapter 1,3,4 and 5 Prophecy.He work as sword maker at Meteor Village.He learn to be a knight at War City.He will marry Liya.

2.Liya(Dark magic weilder).
She is Haddan wife in-future.When Haddan get back home with Liya and Gel.Liya start to be jealous with Liya.She run away to Black Forest.At there she learn Dark Magic.

He is a half orc and half wolf.He was curse by Elkons.With the curse he firstly could summon ORC Archer and Wolf Warrior.To learn how to summon other animal or monster,he has to kill Dragonite Warrior/Archer/Mage or learn at the SS(Summoner School).His twin brother Engel(The Air Boss).

4.Flora(White magic weilder).
She lost 98% of her memory,she only know who is her but not with her or where she live.Haddan found her at Break Heart Cave while looking for Kenny(the first quest).

5.Kaster(Dark magic knight).
He is a "good" vampire.Haddan and him have many same attitude.He live in Dark Wood Cave.He has a twin called Kast(The Light Boss).

He is a not normal person because too much believe in magic until he does't "believe" at all.Haddan found him dying in the FAK(Flora Assasin Killer)Cave.

7.Kuga(Future man).
He live in 2222 century,although it 1957 in the real century of the game.He also has a twin called Kugarika(The Dark Boss).

Haddan twins brother.He also the main character for chapter 2 Prophecy.Although he is the older,he still weaker than Haddan.Adam live in Krighter Cave.

These boss live at some place that you would't think.

1.Ell:The earth boss.

2.Engel:The air boss.

3.Kast:The light boss.

4.Kugarika:The dark boss.

5.Elkons:The elements boss.

Elements Stones:
These stone only can be found in Elements Cave or buy it.

1.White Tornado Stones : Air.

2.Green Mountain Stones : Earth.

3.Blue Seas Stones : Water.

4.Red Magma Stones : Fire.

5.Orange Current Stones : Lightning.

6.Grey Snow Stones : Ice.

7.Yellow Lamp Stones : Light.

8.Black Moon Stones : Dark.

9.White-Grey-Black Iron Stones : Metal.

Legends Weapon:
To have power/skill at the weapon attach a/two/three Element(s) Stone(s).

1.Excalibur X:For Haddan.1 stone.

2.Snaker Z:For Liya.1 stone.

3.Dragon Claw:For Gel.1 stone.

4.Orbirk:For Flora.1 stone.

5.Kuaralade:For Kaster.1 stone.

6.Spera AE:For Mast.2 stone.

7.High Tech Weapon:For Kuga.2 stone.

8.Spora's C'Bow:For Adam.3 stone.

Legend Equidments:
Search in caves,buy and quests.Attach a stone at the equidment.


1.Resistents Armor:Add Defend with the stone power.

2.Power Cloak:Add Attack and Mana with the stone power.

3.Warrior Armor:Add Attack and Health with the stone power.


1.Resistents Shield:Add Defend with the stone power.

2.Power Book:Add Attack and Mana with the stone power.

3.Gladiator Shield:Add Attack and Health with the stone power.


1.Resistents Boots:Add Defend with the stone power.

2.Power Necklace:Add Attack and Mana with the stone power.

3.Mage Gloves:Add Attack and Health with the stone power.

Buy it,do quest and help it.

1.Hawk:Only fly mountain and forest places.

2.Canoe.Only for low seas.

3.Ship.Only for deep seas.

4.Dragon:Only fly in the world map.

Legendry/Learned Magics/Skills:



Elements Slash:Uses 15 energy.Attack one enemy.

Ultra Slashes:Uses 25 energy.Attack all enemies.

Double/Triple Slashes:Uses 23 energy.Attack one enemy.


Dark Heal:Uses 20 mana.Heal one hero.

Elements Spell:Uses 37 mana.Attack one enemy.

Dark Shield:Uses 58 mana.Defend whole team.


Dragon Team:Uses 95 energy.Attack all enemies.

Elements Scratch:Uses 58 energy.Attack all enemies.

Ultimate Claw:Uses 39 energy.Attack one enemy.


Elements Heal:Uses 48 mana.Heal and defend whole team.

Elements Shield:Uses 20 mana.Defend one hero.

Power Attack:Uses 100 mana.Add attack and defend whole team.


Drain Power/Health:Use 1 mana:Heal and add attack one hero.

Knight Elements Power:Uses 10 mana.Attack all enemies.

Elemental Heroes:Uses 35 mana.Attack all enemies.


Gladiator Spears:Use 1 energy.Attack all enemies.

Elements Gladiator:Use 1 energy.Attack one enemy.

Gladiator Super Spear/Axe:Use 1 energy.Attack one enemy.


Double/Triple Shoot:Uses 10 energy.Attack one enemy.

Elements Shooter:Uses 40 energy.Attack all enemies.

Tech Weapon:Uses 100 energy.Attack all enemies.


Elements Arrow:Uses 10 energy.Attack one enemy.

Phantom Arrow:Uses 10 energy.Attack all enemies.

Love Arrow:Uses 100 energy.Kill one enemy.


Important NPC:

1.Kenny(Light Knight).
Haddan has to find him because he lost at the Break Heart Cave with Gel.

Haddan,Liya,Gel and Flora send her to Darkness Lost City.

3.Prince Arken(Price Dealer).
Haddan tell King Wulken to borrow him for fighting Elkons.

4.Night(Dark Man).
Kaster little brother.After Kaster left him alone the Dark Wood Cave,he was being used by Elkons to help him control the world.

5.Emit(Time Man).
He the last man that have the power to help Elkons but he ran with it time power.

6.Stefy(Time Apprantice).
She the last girl that would be Emit apprantice.

Save them to get a power,guild and item.

Earth-The Hard-Shakra.

Wind-The Wings-Yaou Veng.

Electric-The Fast-Vertosan.

Water-The Hydramouts-Wast Marti.

Fire-The Volcano-Castorica.

Ice-The Cold-Vartimant.

Holy-The Sun-Artimant.

Darkness-The Monster-Elkon S.

Beast-The Animoster-Sarha Monk.

Mind-The Brain-Kuga.

Metal-The Unbreakable-Shaoza.

Normal NPC:

1.Seller,Merchant and Buyyer.

2.Kings,Princes,Princesses and Queen.

3.Mans,Womans,Boys and Girls.



6.Warriors,Wizards,Mages,Witches and Knight.

7.Guild Adminsitors.

There are two guild for a hero but only can choose 1 guild.


1.Paladin Guild.

2.Protecter Guild.


1.Dark Mage Guild.

2.Killer Guild.


1.Animonster Guild.

2.Elemental Guild.


1.Healer Guild.

2.White Heroes Guild.


1.Dark Heroes Guild.

2.Night Man Guild.


1.Spearman Guild.

2.Axeman Guild.


1.Night Squats Guild.

2.Arrest Heroes Guild.


1.Long Range Guild.

2.C Weapon Guild.

Maps:3+ villages,16+ cities,10+ forests,6+ mountains,2+ deserts,1+ snowy places,32+ caves,1 world map and 3+ in seas.

Quests:300+ quests.

Monsters:154+ monsters.

NPCs:452+ people.

Stones:120+ elements stones

Guild:2 Guild can be choose for one hero.

If Wrong at words tell me please.